Cannabinoids as Anxiolytics: People Aren’t Just Blowing Smoke

“I try not to worry about the future – so I take each day just one anxiety attack at a time.” –Tom Wilson Anxiety symptoms continue to be a massive issue in the U.S. Sure, we have a litany of anxiolytics available to treat anxiety symptoms, but each has its downside. For example, extended benzodiazepine… Read More »

Pretraining Motivation

Learning is required to change anything in any part of our lives and often times uncomfortable. We have all been learners our whole lives, and yet as adults we often think about learning in a school context. Learning is defined as a relatively permanent change in behavior, cognition, or affect that occurs as a result… Read More »

Quantifying Concussions

Many of us have seen it. Whether its watching basketball, football, hockey or some other high contact sport, we’ve all witnessed a player take a blow to the head and require medical attention. In many cases it is clear that the player’s body is unable to function normally, including the ability to maintain balance. 1.7… Read More »

Prioritize or Die Trying: Why Focus is the ONLY Thing That Matters

Four months ago… I was sitting on $25,000 of debt that was steadily growing, I enjoyed the liberation that comes with a glass (or 4) of wine too often, I got colds so frequently that friends and colleagues took notice, and I had little sense of priorities or direction. Three months ago… I was homeless, sleeping in the woods during… Read More »